Art-A-Whirl 2003

Beast Studio 403 in the California Building.

Studio 403 was converted into a walk-in diorama featuring seven beasts.

The Nardog rested by a pond full of lilly pads and greeted over 400 people in the three day open studio.

Guests were treated to an old snack from Jamaica: Cherries, cheese and biscuit which when consumed together tastes like an almond macaroon.

Our cooler contained the fully Krausened LeCrosse Lager and it emptied quickly.

Bonky and her brood hung out behind the couch, trying to look natural amongst the trash.

Frosh Soukous jumped at the urban butterflies at rest on the ficus.

Someone gave Eleanor a cigarette and nobody tried to take it away.

Eduarde Tranquile looked down from the rocks

Newbie Jeff tried to trip up some people, but was clearly too slow.

Mephisto continued to hold his own in an understated way.

Gus Tees spread far and wide while the Botanica Series was introduced. A week later it will all be gone.

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