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An article on the Minnesota Association of Rogue Taxidermy appeared in the Art Section of the New York Times newspaper (Monday Jan 3rd, 2005). This article by Joel Topcik can also be viewed online on nytimes.com and soon on www.roguetaxidermy.com

Please check out the UBP during the Visual Fringe Festival (www.fringefestival.org) July 21st- August 15th. We have two exhibits running: Calhoun Square in Uptown and the Thorpe Building in Northeast. These shows launch the new Urban Beast Audubon series! See the Projects page for upcoming shows.

Minneapolis, MN
Thanks to the Fallout Gallery for including a print of Gus in their latest show, up until April 2nd. Also thanks to Doc and Jeff in Academic Services at MCAD for making the latest Beast installation run smoothly. Fifteen, a group exhibition including the Urban Beast Project, held in the MCAD Concourse Gallery was a great success. Doc Pop writes in the March 23rd Pulse of the Twin Cities newspaper "this under-publicized show in one of my favorite exhibits I've seen all year"

World Wide Web
Thanks to Blogger like Chris at Cynical-c.com and www.antcille.org for writing about The Urban Beast Project. On February 13h, Blogdex started to track references to UBP.

New London, Connecticut
Thanks to Mary Howard and the Connecticut College Magazine for publishing an article on The Urban Beast Project in the Fall 2003 issue (Volume 12 Number 3)

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