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Urban Habitat
This is the home site for Wild Man Steve Brill, the original Central Park Naturalist.

Steve Garber's Urban Naturalist. This is a must read for all New Yorkers and city dwellers everywhere.

Can't say enough about Dave "Beeman" Graves, don't forget to say hi to Mary and Heather.
Beast Sightings

Domo Kun: the Japanese Television Mascot.
Two English sites with clips are Drew's site and Yul's site

Daily little beasts are everywhere!!

Tigerman: No single article can sum up this guy's life.

Things people throw away or attempt to sell online: Daily Disturbing Auctions

The best place to buy jaw juice and baboon jaws: Research Mannikins!


I get a lot of questions about plushies: Go to the source at Plushie FAQ

The Furvert page at

Of course you could just buy someone a cow

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