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#6 Where else are Urban Beasts being exhibited?

Many Urban Beasts reside in people's homes or in private collections. While it would be dificult to track each of these down, you can see most of them online. If you want to hit the road, you will find Muriel, the Wildebeast, in Maryland at the Sandy Springs Day School. Muriel's head hangs high above the students in the lunchroom. Aesop is possibly still sitting up in a branch overlooking the town hall of Kitchener Ontario, Canada. Mary was last seen in the Linden trees at La Plaza Cultural, on the corner of Avenue C and Eighth street in New York, but she has gone missing. To keep up to date on exhibitions check out the Urban Beast Projects page.

#1- What is this?

#2- How will my dog respond to an Urban Beast?

#3- Have you ever been attacked by an Urban Beast?

#4- Where do Urban Beasts live?

#5- Who is doing this?

#6- Where else are Urban Beasts being exhibited?

#7- Can my stuffed animals become feral?

#8- What does an UrbanBeast pelt go for on the open market and what would be the "choice cut"?

#9- Who is interested in your Beasts? I mean, what type of people? seriously!

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