Frequently Asked Questions

#4 Where do Urban Beasts live?

All urban spaces are landscaped. That means space is put aside in the planning stage for people to walk, while other spaces are assembled for people to sit, drive, live, etc. Then there are the liminal spaces, areas between the peopled spaces. These areas are needed to create perspective for buildings, parks and bridges. Some times space is placed aside for areas of contemplation. In any case, not all of these spaces are utilized actively by the people they were create for. So advantageous plants and animals exploit the spaces between people.

#1- What is this?

#2- How will my dog respond to an Urban Beast?

#3- Have you ever been attacked by an Urban Beast?

#4- Where do Urban Beasts live?

#5- Who is doing this?

#6- Where else are Urban Beasts being exhibited?

#7- Can my stuffed animals become feral?

#8- What does an UrbanBeast pelt go for on the open market and what would be the "choice cut"?

#9- Who is interested in your Beasts? I mean, what type of people? seriously!

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