Muriel - Connochaetes Taurinus Urbanus
Muriel roaring in happier times
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his is a sad story of a beast gone wilding and terrorizing a small Quaker school outside of Washington, D.C. It is not clear how Muriel arrived on the east coast, but police investigators presume that a private zoo might have housed Muriel and several other large African animals. It is believed that when the owners died, the Animals were rescued, all except, Muriel who went feral.

Sally Martin, a local owner of a mom and pop store remembers a time when her children, now grown, would attempt to ride the "wild-a-beast" "Johhny use to climb up in a tree and Nathan, who's younger by three years and has a pretty back limp, would try and position Muriel under the tree. Then Johnny would jump, yelling so's to scare that poor beast half to death", she recalled.

However, life changed with the encroaching sprawl and the vacant strip malls filling up slowly with used book warehouses and weight control centers. Seems like the open space began to spook the native savannah dweller. It can be assumed that she continued to be on the look out for predators and with out a community, Muriel went mad.

How she chose to focus her rage on the students in their preparations for College is still unknown. Perhaps it was the math, but we know that the final straw involved a wayward ultimate frisbee. Senior Josh Turner lost control on his pass, although Edward Schmidt claims Josh never was any good at ultimate. Edward recalls"So Josh wings it and it flies over my head and into the bushes. Josh should have chased it, but no, mister nice guy has to get mauled by the Wildebeest!!"

Luckily, Will Marbury, Math teacher was running from his car to his office. "I like to run", claims Will. But it was fortunate because he arrived in time to wrestled Muriel to the ground, where the Old beast gave out and died. "I still feel bad about it, I mean, I always liked to see Muriel out in the soccer field, everyone knew her."

Muriel was stuffed, mounted and now hangs high above the students heads in the Lunch room of Sandy Springs Friends School.

Wilding no more


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