Lol - Dolus Beastia Lambatrix
Licking Beast in Ambush
Lol emerges from the leaves
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here is very little known about the Dolus Beastia Lambratrix, except that it is often considered one of the most embarassing and quietest experiments in animal genetic modifications known to man around 1976. Inspired by the genius of Gary Dahl, the brains behind the "Pet Rock"craze of 1976, several scientists at UC SanDiego decided to selectively breed and then genetically create the ultimate pet.

Probably beginning with a Chantilly/Tiffany, the scientists breed for large amber eyes and recessive ears. Through early evening telephone polling, the team discovered that the most sought after attribute of a pet, besides obedience, was licking ability. So the team attempted a simpified gene transplant for the largest tongue, from the common giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis reticulata). While the giraffe and the cat are related something went wrong with the transplant and the resulting breed proved to be awkward and slow.

In the fall of 1981, just before the Lloyd Weber/Nunn production of CATS debutted in London, there was a brief but serious outbreak of Ailurophobia (fear of cats) which lead to the loss of funding for the experiment and the loss of a home for the remaining Lambratae. Several ended up therapy pets in remote hospices and there was brief interest by the United States Postal Service, but by the mid 1980's none were tracked.

It is sad indeed that the last Lambatrix should surface and die almost twenty years later. Lol (named for "last of the Lambratae") was run over attempting to cross country road B2, just north of Brainerd Minnesota. All efforts to save her resulted in a well preserved front end for taxidermic mounting.

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